Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Halloween costume!

This year I decided to buy a costume off the internet. I found a couple of nice costumes but the shirt or dress what a little bit to short.. But some of them were really cute like this raspberry girl. I found this one in the teen size to.. I don't know any mom's that would let there kids go out for Halloween with a skirt that short..I though it was really cute...I just love the color. But a bit short for me. lol
I also was looking at for a rag doll costume too and this, well I though was nice I like the colors again ... but this one I think is just a bit shorter then the raspberry girl costume..

But I had to decided on a costume so I though this rag doll costume was pretty cute. Not to short, and also not to long too.. I ordered it and I think it was about a couple days later we got our costumes, I though it was pretty fast. When I got home and tried it on it looked really cute.


Desert Songbird said...

Very cute! Great choice!

Anonymous said...

You looked ADORABLE!! And it was so nice of you to let your sister borrow it and even wear it first!

You're such a sweetie! :-)