Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A great toy for a great dane.

A couple of day's ago in the backyard i noticed a big buoy, I was wondering why it was in the back yard. Yesterday i went out on the deck to see what Mattie was doing, i looked down and he was pulling and pulling the buoy around. It wasn't to heavy but it was heavy enough to pull back just a bit when he pulled it. He was playing with it for hours, well that was until i when down and tryed to play with him... when I would pull the buoy he would run away thinking i was going to hit him with it.
Here a couple of pictures of Mattie Playing with the buoy!!

This is his favorite toy now, he just loves it!!


Desert Songbird said...

That looks like THE PERFECT toy for a Great Dane. Great photos!

Hug your mom and tell her happy birthday from Desert Songbird!

Amazing Gracie said...

That Mattie is the cutest pooch!
Well, are you all settled in? I hope you like your new digs and that your school is going okay. I loved looking at the photos of Mattie, too...

Shaz said...

Now I know what to get Gracie & Dylan for Christmas. It's hard trying to buy Dane proof Toys!