Thursday, November 1, 2007

Whoo Christmas Vacation!!

This year for Christmas I wanted to go somewhere nice, hot, and sunny! I looked up a couple of places in Mexico but it either didn't have one thing or another. But after a bit of looking I found this one place in Cozumel, it's called El Cozumeleno beach Resort****. I'll have to be on a plane for about 6- 7 hours I think, and also the airport in 5 minutes from the resort. So I don't have to wake up early coming home. It has a couple of pool's, a swim up bar, golf course right behind the hotel, and lot's of other stuff like that.( but I'm just to lazy to type them all out hehe.)
Here are some pictures of the hotel.This is a picture behind of the hotel. You can see the golf course.. It's all just so beautiful.

The view from the room is so amazing too, you can see so far too. In the morning I can't wait till I get to wake up and sit out and watch the boats go past, Oh I just can't wait!!
The hotel is perfect, one day I'll have to go golfing and the golf course, and I'll probably start out on the mini golfing first though hehe. Oh it's going to be so fun well everyone else is playing in the snow, going snowboarding or skiing, and sledding I'll be getting a nice tan. I bet I'll come home with a nice golden brown tan.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you + the swim up bar there missy! hehe

I'm so excited too - it's going be great!

Desert Songbird said...

Yeah, I'm thinking mom and dad might be having something to say about that swim bar.

Have tons of fun!!!!

Desert Songbird said...

Oh, and keep an eye on your mom at that swim up bar. She might need flotation devices to help her get around!