Sunday, August 19, 2007

The little BIG Mattie!

Today when I was playing with Mattie ( my dog) I noticed how big he had grown. I have a tug rope that he like and i play with him with that. Mattie pretty strong and really big. Great Danes get pretty big also. But for his size he is a loving dog, who just loves people. I have a friend who brought there dog over here and Mattie and the other dog played and played until they were both tired, but I took along time for both of them to get tired. It's pretty funny watching them play because Mattie is so big and the other dogs is fairly small. Mattie try's not to step on the dog and he jumps we'll he does that.. Oh it is just so funny.

I found some pictures of when we got him and when he was growing.........

Once Mattie got home he had tape to hold up his ears, because we had them cropped. Oh he looked so cute..... This picture was taken just a few days after we got him..He is so small... when my mum brought him home she said that Mattie could fit on her lap... Now i don't think he could do that.. He would probably squish my mum.... haha

This picture was taken a few months after we got him. Mattie liked to lay on that mat for only a couple of weeks when he found a better place to lay.... In this picture I like how this paws are crossed there so cute!!!

This is a picture taken a month ago or so. When it was really hot and he just had to come outside and lay on the cool grass.This pictures is a bit older then the one before.

I took this picture just a bit ago. You see him staring at the couch behind me, well to make him stand like that i had to take one of his toys and put it behind my back to make him look my way. It worked, but i did say I would have to give him a treat after that so he got something out of it.


Desert Songbird said...

He has gotten so big so fast! He's adorable as a little puppy; I don't think I've ever seen that one.

I love the videos your mom posted of Mattie barking at the fan and chasing the laser pointer. Too funny!

Shaz said...

He's a fab looking Dane. Dylan is a year old & still tries to sit on our knees but boy is he heavy!

Shaz said...

TO_CHRISTMAS sidebar!!!!!!!!!!!!