Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Little trip.

Yesterday I went to my grandma's for a little visit. On our way there we stopped at a little rest area where there was a lake. We had lunch and then we saw people walking quicker then usal and they said to us " there's a young male moose just over by the washrooms, we just saw it got across the path." We looked and looked for it when we spotted it swimming in the little lake. It was in the water for about a good twenty minutes. It swam back and forth in the middle of the lake. ( the lake was pretty small.) We took some pictures of when it was in the water and when it was just getting out.

This is a picture taken when he was swimming in the middle of the lake. This moose just watched us take pictures and move around and he watched us for a while until we left.

The second pictures was taken when he was just getting out of the water. This young male was pretty close to us too.


Anonymous said...

That WAS so cool wasn't it!

I'm so glad I remembered to bring my camera on the trip :-)

Desert Songbird said...

That was fortuitous of your mom to bring her camera - thanks, Kai!

The gopher is cute, but that moose is fabulous. He does look young and very inquisitive. How cool that you got to see that!

Another great thing about living in Western Canada, eh?

Shaz said...

Wow amazing pics, I can't believe how lucky you guys are to live so close to nature. There's a little linky love over at our place for ya x x