Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Five Little Birdies

Today when we got home from downtown we heard a little "chirp chirp". For a second i though my grandma was just making a little noise for fun. I asked my grandma what was that noise, she didn't know what it was at first until it chirped again and we heard where is came from, we followed the noise and it led us to a little hole in her car port. We saw a little bird on the ground , I guess it had fallen down from it's nest. We got a ladder and picked up the bird and put it in his nest. But this bird was just a small one, they couldn't fly yet. The mum was just flying around watching what we were doing. Once we got the ladder and put the bird back up in his nest we saw four other birds chirping at us. They were so cute. after we went inside we found out what kind of bird it was. There the barn swallows.


Anonymous said...

The poor little thing! You'll have to check tomorrow to make sure it's still ok - I can't believe it fell that far and was still alive!


(PS: it's 'ladder', hehe)

crazy working mom said...

Oh no!

We have a birdie that's made a nest in our garage. There is a piece of glass broken in the door bearly small enough for it to fit through and it's got a nest up high on a shelf. The first time I saw it out there it scared the heck outta me!

Thanks for dropping by today!

Desert Songbird said...

That was nice of you to make sure the baby bird got back this mama. Many people would just ignore it or worse.

Amazing Gracie said...

I love birds! I have a little parrot and a cockatiel. It's a good thing you found the baby bird before a cat had it for lunch.
We had a nest of hummingbirds right outside our window this year. They are SO tiny! and cute..