Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Golfing With my Gramma

Today at 9:30 in the morning I went golfing with my grandma and her friend. I though it was really fun. I was wondering if we would hold up the people behind us by going so slow, but we didn't I was so happy. I guess the people in front of us and behind us were going slow too. At first it took me about two-three swings to hit the ball. But after the third hole I did pretty well.

Then at the seventh hole the start was on a little hill, and I did the biggest swing I could ever do, I think it went about half way. I was so proud of myself! (Even though I still didn't pass my grandma and her friend) LOL! But this was my second time in my life to golf on a coarse, so I though I did pretty good. (that's all that counts!)

Once I got to the hole I stood there for about a whole minute, I hit the ball and it went off the side and didn't go in! I was so mad I though I could get it in. But then I did it another time and got it in! (Then I was happy) HeHe!!! After a while i was starting to get my ball in the hole around 5- 15 times. Some of my shots were good and others were really bad. I found it easier to hit the ball on the tee. My grandma said that I would miss the ball because I wasn't close enough to the ball. I went closer and the club dig into my chest when I swung the club.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Good for you for doing so well!! Did Grandma tell you how bad I was the first time she took me golfing?? LOL

It's almost midnight and I just finished painting the living room and dining room. It looks really good, but I have to do another coat tomorrow! It's a moss green colour - very pretty!

Love you ♥

Amazing Gracie said...

Sounds as if you have lots of patience! My hubman loves to golf but I don't have enough patience for it. Some of the courses are beautiful though, and I've ridden along with him a couple of times.
Just think, you get play on the LPGA and make lots of money!!!