Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Camping with my Dad

Yesterday my dad decided he wanted to go camping. So I was thinking and thinking about if I should go or not, it took me the whole two days to decided. But once I decided I had to pack all my clothes and things. In the morning we got everything into the camper and then soon after left. Once we got to the fairy they were just starting to load. A car went onto the fairy and we had started to move when the guy told us there wasn't enough room for us. After they moved us to the first car in line. It was kind of cool because I had thought we'd be the first car on the fairy. When it got to the time to load they let a couple of cars go ahead of us, I wasn't to happy about it but I didn't really care to much. Once the fairy had stopped and they had started to unload the cars they made us the second last car off, even though we were the third one on. I wasn't to happy about that either. The traffic was good on the road, all the way though to my grandma's house.


Anonymous said...

You guys were lucky that you didn't have to wait for the FERRY! (hehe)

I'm glad you made it to Grandma's safe and sound! :-) Have a fun time camping! Think of me painting in the heat when you're swimming in the nice cool water! :-)


Amazing Gracie said...

I would love to come up to your part of the world just to see the beautiful scenery and go on a ferry! I've been on small ferries but never a big one. Did you have a good time camping?