Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Twilight Series

I would have to say twilight would have to be my favorite book ever.(and I usually don't read much too, lol) I really like books that have a lot of action and thrillers in them, but I would have to say this book is a bit scary to. They have a series of books, I fist one is twilight which is my favoriite one of them all, the second one is New Moon, (which I am just reading right now.)
and the third one is eclipse. One of my friend was just finishing that book and she said it was a really good book.
I just recently just found out that they are making a movie based on the book, so I'm really excited about the movie.


Hannah Fanna said...

Have you tried Harry Potter?

gErLeNe said...

yea, try to read the Harry Potter Series..I'm sure your gonna like it..

but I also like Twilight..I currently reading the third book now, "Eclipse"... :-)