Sunday, March 16, 2008

I just can't think.

Uhhh, what to write, what to write.

I just cannot think about anything to write about! I've heard some people call it a "brain fart" when you can't think. I'm guessing I'm having a brain fart then, lol. I was thinking about trying to make a list about things I can write about, well something like that. But I've just never got around to doing that.

Anyone have any idea's?


Kai said...

Hmmmm... well tomorrow is 'Manic Monday' (go to Morgen's site for more info). This week's theme is 'drink' - the idea is to write anything you want about the word of the week!

Once you're done your post, head over to Mo's and add your link onto the main Manic Monday list. Then see who else has participated and head over and visit them!

Desert Songbird usually always does MM, so does Crazy Working Mom, and Empress Bee - actually most of the nice people on your blogroll do MM!

Hope that helps sweet!

Kai said...

Oh and - I see that this month's theme is 'green'... well think of what tomorrow is!!! usually has really cool stuff like crafts and recipes - check them out for inspiration!


Lynne said...

I tend to have a lot of brain farts, especially recently, wonder why that is?! I like your new theme (I never saw the old one), even if it's not pink. The bathing beauty on the beach looks fairly toasty pink, that has to count for something!

Thanks for letting me advertise on your site via Entrecard. :-D