Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy Busy Busy !

For the past few weeks I've been so busy. If it's not school, it's hockey, or outside shoveling the snow. Hockey's going so good this year, I'm really enjoying it. Were not getting that much snow but we get a bit every once and a while. We got snow today around 2-3 inches. But it's not good snow though, it's mostly slushy snow. Can't really go sledding, skiing or snowboard in slushy snow.

On the 17th my sister, my mom, and I are getting pedicures at 3:00, before we head off to Mexico! I want pink toe nails. I'm so happy that were getting pedicures because my feet or so gross i probably won't even wear flip flops in Mexico with feet like mine. They get so dry from the pool and from playing hockey, all the sweat in you're skates.


Desert Songbird said...

How nice that you and your mom and sister are getting pedicures! You'll have so much fun in Mexico. Be sure to walk along the beach in the sand; it will do great things for your feet.

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