Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bumpy Peanut Butter Balls

Mmmhhh these things are so good, I made this recipe one afternoon I got bored, it was really fun making them. When I put one in my mouth they were just to die for! They are so good!

Get it together: dry measures, measuring spoons, small bowl, mixing spoon, small plate.

1.Crunchy peanut butter----------1/4 cup 60 mL
Liquid honey--------------------2 tbsp 30 mL
Skim milk powder---------------2 tbsp 30 mL
Graham cracker crumbs--------1/3 cup 75 mL

2. Medium sweetened coconut----2 tbsp 30 mL

Put fist 3 ingredients into bowl. Stir. Add graham cracker crumbs. Mix well. Divide peanut butter mixture into 4 equal portions. Roll portions between you hands to make balls.

Spread cocunut on plate. Roll balls in coconut until coated. Makes sweet treats, enough for you and a pal to share.

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