Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hockey's almost over...=(

This year hockey has been awesome . I've been really busy with hockey practices, games, and tournaments. It's just been so crazy! I usually play at least three to four practices a weekend, if not hockey games or tournaments.

So far this year I've scored 13 goals and have been awarded three or four MVP's ( meaning player of the game.)

I'm sad that hockey's ending, but now when hockeys done I have soccer to play. I played soccer last year and I didn't mind playing, so I though I'd try it out this year too. So I'll be busy with soccer now too.

For hockey I have two more practices and one more tournament to go until hockey ends =(. Although I'm really excited for the tournament. I like tournaments because you get to stay in the same hotel as all of your friends. But then you also usually have to get up early in the morning for games, (sometimes we play at 6am!!) but I don't mind getting up for hockey as much as I mind getting up for school. (haha)

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