Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What A BLAST!!!

Two whole weeks staying in a nice hotel, eating when ever you want, sun tanning on the beach 24/7 and eating FREE ice cream when ever you feel like it! It was paradise! Our Christmas vacation to Cozumel was just so much fun.

The first couple of days after we got there was Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day, so we just laid on the beach. It was funny because Santa came to the hotel on a parasail!! LOL It was so funny I just had to take pictures of him!There were the most beautiful views there too!!

The most beautiful sunsets, the sun went down so fast that you could actually watch it move down, it was amazing!
This is a picture from our hotel room, the water was just a prettiest blue too. It was nice to swim in because it was easy to see what was underneath the water.

When we were there we got to see a bunch of different animals, such as lizards and crocodiles!
Talk about scary, you sure wouldn't want this thing in your house! Look how long his claws are!!

We saw the crocodiles at a park - Miguel (Mike) who drove us around that day used to work at the park so he whistled and they came right over!! We couldn't believe it. They were right under the dock where we were standing!


Anonymous said...

I still have that crazy song in my head: "Follow the leader, leader, leader..."


Desert Songbird said...

Those views are wicked.