Friday, June 29, 2007

what is club penguin

Club penguin is a online game where you earn points, buy stuff, get free stuff, and chat to other penguins. You get your own igloo and you can put furniture in it. The only thing is that you have to be a member to buy cloths and stuff. Once you are I think it is fifty days old you can become a secret agent. Secret agents go around club penguin and they see if all the penguins are talking in a kid friendly way, If their not then you can get reported and sometimes you can get banded of club penguin for about a day or two. On this game I am not a member so I can only buy backgrounds and puffles. puffles are little pets that you have to feed and care for. I have heard that they run away if you don't feed them but I don't think they do. But being a member you have to pay I think around five dollars a month. When your a member you can buy clothes for your penguin, buy furniture, and you can sometimes go to special places around club penguin.

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